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2019-20 Kidney Disease HIT achievements

19 May 2020

Kidney Disease (formerly known as Chronic Kidney Disease) Health Integration Team Director Dr Dominic Taylor, consultant nephrologist, North Bristol NHS Trust reviews the HIT’s achievements from the last 12 months.

Around one in 10 people in the UK have significant reductions in kidney function (Chronic Kidney Disease-CKD). These people have an increased risk of vascular diseases like heart attacks or stroke and are also at risk of developing kidney failure. Specialist advice and treatment aims to preserve kidney function and reduce these risks. People admitted to hospital are also at risk of shorter term damage to the kidneys (Acute Kidney Injury –AKI).

The aim of the Kidney Disease Health Integration Team (HIT) is to improve outcomes for people with kidney disease in the Bristol area by improving the quality of primary and secondary care services for patients with CKD and AKI.

Current work includes investigating innovative ways to collaborate between primary and secondary care to deliver expertise on the right treatment of kidney disease to patients, while reducing reliance on face-to-face hospital clinics. We are also collaborating with colleagues in the North-East to investigate equity in access to participation in clinical trials. On our team we have great representation from local GPs, kidney doctors, researchers, and most importantly, from kidney patients.

2019-20 Kidney Disease HIT achievements
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