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Bristol Immunisation Group HIT's achievements in 2019-20

1 June 2020

Bristol Immunisation Group (BIG) HIT Directors Professor Adam Finn, Dr Julie Yates and Dr Marion Roderick reflect on the team’s achievements over the past year.

Over the past 12 months, the Bristol Immunisation Group Health Integration Team (BIG HIT) has continued its important work in increasing MMR vaccination uptake and targeting groups with low uptake particularly due to access issues. The data we obtained from the MMR uptake interventions project showed that processes within primary care were improved which are likely to have a longer-term benefit. We are looking more closely at evaluating which specific interventions had the greatest impact in improving uptake.

A South West plan with extensive stakeholder engagement was developed to implement the Measles and Rubella Elimination Strategy. This includes development of novel approaches to increase MMR uptake.

Last year we conducted a scoping review to look at the issues around shingles vaccine uptake. The results will be available this year.

Work continues to ensure that Bristol has opportunities to participate in vaccine studies for new treatments and better delivery models as the HIT Directors continue to be linked in to research groups and national bodies.

Bristol Immunisation Group HIT's achievements in 2019-20
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